Bars of the month December

Author: Marta | December 5, 2012 |

bar of the month December Finally the year is coming to an end and Christmas is just around the corner. The temperatures sink and the Christmas markets fill the air with the delicious smells of mulled wine, cinnamon and gingerbread. To increase the joy for the feast of love and contemplation we have created two new bars of the month December.

Our first bar is a reminder of old days when our parents and grandparents found oranges and mandarins under their Christmas trees. Fruity Christmas seduces with our new ingredient of the month November: the Mini Christmas Cookies on softmelting milk chocolate. Creamy orange-chocolate-drops are responsible for the fruity-nostalgic taste and our crunchy rice crispies round off everything. Also our second bar is a real culinary delight. Make a wish convinces with festive gingerbread spice, which fits optically and with its flavor very well to the pistachios, the crunchy cornflakes with chocolate coating and the falling star made of cookie dough. Everything is assembled on a bar of white chocolate.

A beautiful November with a great chocolate delight wishes you

your chocri-team

Bars of the month November

Author: Mandy | November 2, 2012 | Bar-of-the-Month

bar of the month November Not only the summer, but also the fall has its beautiful sites. Now a walk outside can be very fascinating: Everything is beautifully colored by the leaves falling from the trees and making rustling slight noises when you walk over them. Especially for children the fall time is one of the most beautiful seasons. Everywhere they can collect ripe chestnuts, beechnuts and acorns to play with them and build little figures. And to fly a kite in the upcoming wind brings more fun than ever. The bars of the month November are inspired by the current season and call it in your mind with every bite. Our first creation is called beautiful autumn day. And consists of crunchy cornflakes, fruity sour cherries and chocolate sizzle rocks. These delicious ingredients are united on tenderly melting milk chocolate. Our second bar of the month doesn’t carry its name without reason: Sweet November forms with its dark chocolate the perfect base for sweet nougat pieces, fruity strawberries and our delicious ingredient of the month: marzipan balls.

A beautiful November with a great chocolate delight wishes you

your chocri-team

Bars of the month October

Author: Mandy | October 1, 2012 | Bar-of-the-Month

In Germany it is getting colder, the days become shorter and the clothes are thicker. But that's not the time for beeing in a sad mood. bar of month octoberNow we can cuddle up with our favorite blanket on the couch, drink delicious tea and eat a lot of chocolate without bad conscience.

Our bars of the month october have been created by our production trainee Alexandra. The first bar looks like thanksgiving and colorful foliage: Glossy October consists of milk chocolate with crunchy Walnuts, sweet Apple Bits and our colorful Flower Mix. Our second chocolate bar is also very tasty. Sweet autumn is decorated with our ingredient of the month september: cookies with choco chips. These sweet cookies are accompanied by yummy Caramel Pieces and Sprinkles on soft-melting white chocolate.

Enjoy the autumn season.

Bars of the month May

Author: Mandy | May 1, 2012 | Bar-of-the-Month

In Germany there are saying: „April, April, he is doing whatever he wants.” This proverb is true, because the weather in april was either dry and warmly or wet and cold. We hope therefore for a beautiful and warm May.

chocris bars of the month May. With our bars of the month we want to bring us sunny days and mild and clear nights. The bar Caribbeandream you can relaxe with sunny fruit pieces of orange bits and mango cubes, coconut flakes on delicious milk chocolate. Our second bar of the month Raspberrymoon is decorated our ingredient of the month april: Orange Almond Brittle. These crispy pieces are accompanied by Raspberry Bits, Cocoa Nibs and Orange Chocolate Drops on soft-melting milk chocolate.

We wish you a wonderful May.

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