What I haven't told you yet in my last blog post is the whole story behind chocri. The two founders are Franz and Micha. Before chocri started, they were both entrepreneurs already, selling yummy chocolate fountains.

The first personalized chocolate bar was really an emergency solution: The birthday of Franz's girlfriend was coming up, and he had no idea what to give her as a gift. He needed something that was cute, something that showed that he cared and that he had thought about what she liked.

One day before her birthday, he finally had the idea: Using the liquid chocolate he had access to from the chocolate fountain business, he created a chocolate bar and then covered it with her favorite snacks. Thus, the first ever chocri bar was created. The design was a white chocolate bar, topped with gummibears and trail mix. His girlfriend loved it, the birthday gift was a full success.

Shortly after, the first friend of Franz showed up and wanted to know whether he could have a customized chocolate bar for his mother. This was early 2008, and the beginning of chocri.

Since then, chocri has grown tremendously in Germany. Chocri was (and still is) featured extensively on TV shows and in the press in Germany, and people soon went online to the newly launched website to design their own chocolate bars. To keep up with the demand, chocri has grown to a 20 people strong team, full of joyous and reliable people that have set it as their goal to "sweeten the world" together. Whether in the office or in the production, everyone is committed with ambition, passion and a sense of fun. We think that this attitude translates into the products that you will soon also have access to here in the US.


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