Preliminary Results: Ingredients Poll

Author: Carmen | September 25, 2009 | Customization

The winners

Thank you all for your ideas and opinion on the ingredients!

We're not done yet collecting, but wanted to give you the preliminary results. Here we go (drumrolls...):

Table Most Loved Most Hated

Something funny: The "Smiley heart shape (male)" was more popular than the "Smiley heart shape (female)"! Did we have more ladies answer the survey? ;)

Interesting suggestions were
- Popcorn, or
- "Soda flavors",
- Toasted corn and
- Malt balls.

Something nearly everyone said was: peanut butter. This is a real challenge, since peanut butter isn't firm enough to really be placed on chocolate. Tough one. My mission is now to find peanut butter "pieces" or something comparable (peanut butter in chocolate coating as little pearls). - Please help! Have you come by any small peanut butter products that are more solid than peanut butter typically is? Shoot me an email at or, even better, leave a comment on this blog post.

Oh, and if you read this and you haven't filled out the survey yet - please do! As you can tell, your opinion matters. True open innovation. Give us a few minutes, and we'll give you the ingredients you love!


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