Peanut Butter on Your Chocolate Bar!

Author: Carmen | September 28, 2009 | Toppings

In the last blog entry (see below) we told you we'd be on the look out for peanut butter that we can offer as ingredients (or toppings or enhancers... we'll see what they'll be called in the end...) for your personalized chocolate bars.

Well, our new and great intern Anne (hi Anne!) found some!

Peanut Butter Pieces

[We unfortunately have to disguise who they are really from, because then we could be told off for marketing with their brand name. Sorry! But think of who the authority in Peanut Butter is - that's what we're using].

Look a little like "Chocolate Lentils" but are filled with peanut butter - would that be a solution? Have you tried them before? Do you like them? Do let us know.

Meanwhile, the chocri team in Germany ordered them, will add them to chocolate bars and they'll see if it lives up to the high chocri standards. We'll see how it goes!

Until next time!


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