What type of chocoholic are you? Type 2: chocri-chic!

Author: Carmen | October 20, 2009 | Test

Last Friday, we published our very own quiz on Facebook. Taking the quiz reveals what type of customized chocolate you are, and what type of chocri creations are most fit for you. This week, we will portray those chocolate types in detail, both on on this blog and our German blog. Take the quiz now to find out what type of chocoholic you are!

Today in our series of chocolate types: chocri-chic

The elegant type of chocoholic! ‘chocri-chic’

chocri chic

You are the diva of chocoholics, and will only be satisfied with the diva of chocolates. You are always prepared and always perfectly put together, and you expect your chocolate to be as well. Gold on the chocolate translates into gold on your neck and fingers, flowers on the chocolate are mirrored by the flowers you often receive from your admirers. You are a real head turner! Perfect for you is dark chocolate with gold powder or flowers.

And here's the matching chocolate bar for the chocri-chic type: chocri chic bar

Golden pearls, flowers and sensuous strawberries mirror your beauty... well, almost. But don't forget that the taste trumps the looks!

Our very own chocri-chic chocoholics: Franz Duge, one of our founders, and Nora, one our interns.
Leave a comment if you are a chocri-chic, too!

You are what you eat. Eat chocri!

Tomorrow: The chocoholic who wants it all: chocri-overload!


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