Last Friday, we published our very own quiz on Facebook. Taking the quiz reveals what type of chocolate you are, and what type of chocri creations are most fit for you. This week, we will portray those chocolate types in detail, both on on this blog and our German blog. Take the quiz now to find out what type of chocoholic you are!

Today in our series of chocolate types: challenge-chocri

The strong and fearless chocoholic! ‘challenge-chocri’

chocri challenge

You aren't kidding around. Wasabi peanuts and whole jalapenos? No problem! You like to experience feelings strongly, even (or especially?) when eating. You are fearless, and take up tasks and challenges that others don't. But you don't really talk about it - modesty is also one of your various virtues. Perfect for you is a spicy chocolate bar.

And here's the matching chocolate bar for the challenge - chocri type: chocri challenge bar

This bar has sent quite some tasters screaming for milk: There's fire in here. But for the fearless challenge-chocri, spicy jalapenos and wasabi peanuts are no obstacle, and the ginger just adds the last bit of tingle to it. The challenge-chocri doesn't even need milk in the chocolate!

Leave a comment if you are a challenge-chocri!

You are what you eat. Eat chocri!

Tomorrow: The adventurous, and last chocoholic in our series: chocri-innovation!


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