Last Friday, we published our very own quiz on Facebook. Taking the quiz reveals what type of chocolate you are, and what type of chocri creations are most fit for you. This week, we will portray those chocolate types in detail, both on on this blog and our German blog. Take the quiz now to find out what type of chocoholic you are!

Today in our series of chocolate types: chocri-innovation

The adventurer type of chocoholic! ‘chocri-innovation’


Backpacking through Europe and Asia, you learned to appreciate extravagancies – and prefer chive rolls and sea salt on your chocolate. Always aiming to differentiate from the crowd, you stick out with a distinct taste and careful choice. Perfect for you is an exotic chocolate bar!

And here's the matching personalized chocolate bar for the adventurous chocri type: chocri innovation bar

There's something new to try? You're in. Marshmallow - check. Honey Wheat Flakes - check. Chive Rolls - check. This chocolate bar gives you the energy to conquer the world!

Our very own chocri-overoad chocoholic: Carmen (truly yours) Leave a comment if you are a chocri-innovation, too!

You are what you eat. Eat chocri!

That was it! I hope you enjoyed our chocroholic types and know now which one YOU are!


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