Chocolate for Kellogg and Booth Students in Chicago

Author: Carmen | October 25, 2009 | Events

We had a tasting! This past Thursday, I brought some chocolate to a joint event of the Jewish Business School Association of my alma mater, Chicago Booth, and the Kellogg Jewish Business Association.

The purpose of this particular tasting was different than that of the one in New York. While in New York, people filled out "feedback forms" and came just for the chocolate, this tasting was me providing some chocolate as a "back drop" to a fun and social event. And chocolate there was! Three tables full of chocolate bars, of course each unique. And popular! Conversations tended to center around those tables, and one particular person even told me he "hated" me for bringing this chocolate because he couldn't resist the temptation. Well, who could, right?

The three most popular chocolate bars this evening:

  • Milk Chocolate with Coconut Shavings and Papaya Cubes
  • White Chocolate with Roasted Almonds, Cinnamon and Silver Pearls
  • Milk Chocolate with Nougat Pieces and Chocolate Lentils

All in all, the feedback was very positive and I'm glad I was able to introduce chocri that evening. A big thanks to the groups for having me!

Below a few visual impressions of the event:

JB(S)A Tasting Chicago
Some chocolate and some chocolate lovers :)

JB(S)A Tasting Chicago
Mhmm... chocolate...

More photos are on our facebook page - please become a fan!

I am planning a tasting in Chicago that is open to everyone - stay tuned!


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