When I planned the giveaway for National Chocolate Day, I expected that there would be four toppings which you, dear readers, are less likely to pick: Nougat Pieces, Toffee, Marshmallows, and Chocolate Coated Rice Crispies. Why, you might ask? Simply because we haven't gotten around to taking pictures of them yet. In the toppings list, they are not as visual as the others. The first person to be brave and pick something without knowing what it looks like was to win the giveaway. Turns out - it was the first person who answered!

Congratulations Thomas!

Tala, Parisa, you picked some of the new toppings as well - next time, you just have to be a little faster to win some chocolate ;)

Here a little interview with the winner:

How did you first hear about chocri?
"I read an article on a website about new web 2.0 startups. It talked about custom chocolate bars. I was very interested, visited the site, connected to the twitter account and of course became a fb fan."

Why do you like chocri?
"I love chocolate (don’t ask my scale) and well, to be honest, I had the same idea some time ago when I first found on the net. While I didn’t work on the idea, chocri did and here they go. And they do a great job. I really like the website, and the ideas of the chocolate bars with all these toppings and stuff are really cool. And after all, chocolate makes you happy in those stormy times, so I think and hope they will stay a long time in the market! You never can get enough chocolate!"

Who could you imagine sharing a piece of one of your 5 chocri bars with?
"Well, my wife and my kids will be first in line to taste some unique chocolate bars here. Also some very good friends of mine will receive a bar. I guess I need to reorder some to get everyone satisfied ;)"

What topping do you think we should NEVER put on a chocolate bar?
"Hmm, I think you never should say no to a topping. There are a lot of “strange” tastes around, so why lose a possible customer just because you think it won’t fit the taste J So, I hope the future will bring a lot of new stuff to chocri to mix and try."

In the end, picking a topping without a picture is just like reading the blog of a chocolate company before it has launched here yet. Thank you all for being here and commenting - we appreciate it a lot, and we know we will live up to your expectations!


  1. October 29, 2009 | Thomas said:
    Wohoooo, thx 4 picking me :) Can't wait till the chocolate bars get here. You guys rock!


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