The Finnish Eat More Chocolate Than Americans!

Author: Carmen | October 7, 2009 | Chocolate

As I was perusing the info from the chocolate museum (see the last two blog posts), I found this neat table that states how much chocolate was consumed per capita and per country. That means the total amount of chocolate consumed in one country was broken down on the number of people living in that country.

No surprises in first place (Switzerland), but who would've thought that this is how the list continues? Personally, I'm not surprised by the numbers for the US since we did research on this before, but it's still always strikes me as being a little strange. Do you all eat less chocolate because there's more candy alternatives? Or is it just because the chocolate in the US is just not that good, compared to Europe? Well, if the latter - we're coming to help with personalized chocolate bars!

Chocolate Consumption Per Country and Capita


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