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Author: Carmen | November 10, 2009 | Chocolate

We've recently sent out some chocolate to some bloggers to see if we don't only appeal to the German taste but to the American/ English taste as well. (Want to try it yourself? Check out our last blog post on how to taste chocolate Turns out: Bloggers love our chocolate!

Here's what they found and said:

Chocolate Review

Terry from The Chocolate Review was the first one to review us. The final verdict after the review was "Overall this was everything I hoped for it to be... If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a budding chocolate maker or want to give someone a very personal chocolate gift, then I recommend playing around a little bit." We recommend it, too, and in fact, many of the bars bought in Germany are bought as gifts today!


Candy Addict wrote a very funny post, stating that when her bars arrived, she thought some crazy person had ordered them because of the untypical toppings. What I'm very happy about is that she liked the actual chocolate underneath it all. I may quote: "If you think you don’t like white chocolate, please make sure that you’ve had some that’s as good as this before you give up on it." She didn't like the milk chocolate as much, and would have preferred it a little darker. Thanks for the suggestion.


Finally, Sil from TodoCandy hasn't received her bars yet, but did something very unique: She posted a video of how she created her chocolate bars! I highly recommend you to check it out! She loved that you can name the bars, and came up with some creative names for them. What would you name your bar?

We are really grateful for these reviews and opinions. One reason is of course that it gets people to hear about us, but even more importantly: we learn! We want to improve what we do and we will make chocri something that not only Germans, but also Americans love: the chocolate of your dreams!


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