Announcing Our Invitation-Only Launch Date

Author: Carmen | November 11, 2009 | Events

Dear faithful blog readers, We have a special bonbon (excuse me: chocolate piece!) for you today, which is the date of our

Invitation-Only Launch:

January 5, 2010

Many Bars

With a special code, you will be able to enter our website from the 5th of January on, and order before everyone else does.

Do you want to be among those few who will be invited? Sign up for our newsletter (see the box to the left) to be notified and sent the special code close to the launch date.

In fact, calling it a "newsletter" is a little misleading, since I don't plan to email you before our launch (maybe about our facebook application launch, but that's it).
If we've been talking in person and I told you I'd put you on the mail list - you're on it, no need to sign up again.

Comment if you have any questions please!


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