A Peek Behind the Curtain In Germany

Author: Carmen | November 12, 2009 | About-chocri

We've been asked why we launch in January and not, like, now - in time for the holidays in the US. The simple reason is: chocri is swamped with order for customized chocolate bars in Germany!

They are already working 24/7 (for hand-making chocolate bars takes its time), so imagine adding orders from the US to that!

The good thing about our launch date: Should you want to give your sweetheart something that mirrors her/his sweetness for Valentine's Day - we'll be there :)

Below a picture I took during my visit in Germany. One of the founders, Franz, is transporting packaging material. It shows that a chocolate company is not only about delicacy, it includes moving a couple hundred folded boxes from one end to the other. Luckily, the chocolate artists are still all about delicacy - and deliciousness! :)

Franz getting the boxes in


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