Love at first bite

Author: Carmen | November 16, 2009 | Customization

That's what it will be with your first chocri bar. Because it is exactly what you wanted, it's your creation, your piece of art, your original. Your personalized chocolate bar is like you! Like your mood, sometimes sweet and fruity, other times powerful and spicy, sometimes seductive, other times playful. No one knows what's best for you like you do!

Your chocri bar mirrors you, your attitude, your lifestyle. Are you the adventurous type, who likes to explore new places, new things, the extraordinary? Or are you someone who impresses others with your looks and beauty? You can't get enough of life, of tastes, of experiences, of emotions? Or are you simply a happy, jolly person, who doesn't worry about much but lives in the present?

We developed the test for you. Find out what type you are, and we'll tell you what type of chocolate is best for you. Or the other way around:

Show me your chocolate, and I'll tell you, who you are ;)

Facebook Test

Take our "What type of chocolate are you" quiz on facebook to find out which type you are.
Have fun!

(This is a translation of the same blog post on our German blog, where Nora is the word smith. You've got to acknowledge genius where it is :))


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