Would You Like Some Chocolate With Your Wine?

Author: Carmen | November 27, 2009 | Chocolate

Lots of gourmets have discovered that chocolate and wine go well together, if you find the right combination. That, of course, isn’t very easy, but nobody said being a gourmet was easy ;)

Many of our chocri fans have been asking us to add wine flavors to our bar, which is actually difficult, because it’s liquid. While we're still investigating ways to accomplish wine on customized chocolate bars, for now we recommend a wine tasting, accompanied by chocolate. Or maybe even better: A chocolate tasting, accompanied by wine.

Here some "golden rules" to bear in mind, to make it sure it tastes like heaven and not like hell:

Wine and Chocolate

If you plan on experimenting with different chocolates, start with a light one and work your way up to the darkest one, just as you should start with a light wine and then proceed to the heavier, fuller wines.

That also means: The stronger the chocolate the more full-bodied the wine. You wouldn’t want one to get lost in the strong flavors of the other but rather experience the full sensation of the combination.

Also, the wine you chose to drink with your chocolate should be slightly sweeter than the chocolate. That is also the cause why dark chocolate goes better with wine – it is less sweet than many wines.

Chocri allows you to design a chocolate bar which contains typical wine flavors like fruity berry and flower flavors, or different spices and herbs, and thus makes a great addition to a wine tasting.

To get started just think of the most demonstrative flavor of your favorite wine and add those as toppings on your chocri. If you keep the three golden rules above in mind, it will surely be a whole new taste experience!

As we say in Germany: Prost! [Cheers!]


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