Interview Series: Nora

Author: Carmen | November 30, 2009 | About-chocri

We want you to know who is making your personalized chocolate bars to perfection, hence this blog series where I introduce someone from the chocri team by asking them weird questions. To read about all the people behind chocri, click on the "people" category in the navigation, or just here.
Today, I'm presenting you: Nora, our rockstar intern

Nora Steenken

A picture of our rockstar intern Nora
Yes, I got this picture from facebook. Welcome, male readers

  • Dark, milk or white chocolate?
    "Before working at chocri, I always thought I'd prefer dark chocolate. But now I'm very much into milk chocolate with spicy toppings - that combination has totally won me over!"

  • How did you first hear about chocri?
    "I heard the first time about chocri when I searched the web for interesting mass customization projects for my University. I am planning to write my bachelor thesis on this topic. When I stumbled upon chocri I was so excited about it, that I applied for an internship instantly."

  • What was your last chocri creation?
    "I love sweet and spicy combinations. My last one was milk chocolate with multicolored pepper, ginger, ground chilli and almond slivers.....hmmmm, it was just delicious!"

  • Do you actually still eat chocolate?
    *"Well yes, unfortunately! I'm surrounded with chocolate everyday, and you should think that you wouldn't be able to even look at chocolate after a while. But because there are so many different possible combinations, you never get fed up with chocri! Of course, we are always testing new toppings, so there is something new to try almost everyday! That means for me: Working out after work is a must! ;)

  • What's the favorite part of your job?
    "I love the Social Media Part...getting in touch with the chocri fans, both German and American ist really fun and you get to know so much about them and what they really want when it comes to chocolate. Chocri is such an emotional product, because it is something that you design according to your desires and that you want to enjoy or share with is great fun!"

  • What did you get last year for Christmas?
    "Last year I spent half a year in Málaga in Spain, and for christmas my famliy gave me tickets to go back there for two weeks to meet all my friends...that was awesome!"

  • What would you like to customize but you can't yet?
    "Hm, I don't know... Nowadays you can almost customize everything, it just depends on how much money you want to spend!"

  • The coolest thing about chocri?
    "That chocri is so sympathic and that the people working there are so much fun and really care about the customers!"

  • What kind of animal would be if you were one?
    "Tough question... I think I'd be a lynx. I don't even know why, but I have always been fascinated by that wildcat."

Thanks for the interview Nora!


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