Everyone can do just a few things to make sure this planet and all the people living on it have a chance. We take our responsibility here at chocri, in the following three ways, as we make and sell personalized chocolate bars:

  • For the sake of nature but foremost to protect the rights and lives of the cocoa farmers, we use only fair trade chocolate. Fair trade means the prices paid to the farmers don't require them to work in bad conditions or to make their children work in order to afford a living.
  • Not only for your health, but also for the sake of nature, we only sell organic chocolate. That doesn't only mean the cocoa used is organic, but also the sugar and all the other ingredients, like the milk in milk chocolate.
  • One percentage of our revenues goes directly to the organization DIV Kinder, which supports and protects children on the Ivory Coast. The Ivory Coast is the biggest exporter of cocoa beans on this planet. Our customers also get a chance to donate a small amount at checkout. Together, we've already raised thousands of Euros to benefit the children.

We are committed to making this world a little better, and you can help us, by doing what we know you do well: Eating chocolate!

To learn more about our engagement with DIV Kinder, visit our DIV Kinder Info in the More Info tab.

DIV Kinder


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