The Three Tailwinds

Author: Carmen | November 6, 2009 | Customization

This blog was a tad quieter in the past few days (apologies) because I was traveling for an Entrepreneurship Panel, that I helped organize and moderate. One notion that was shared on the panel was the one about "tailwinds": that the the success of a young venture (like chocri) is partially dependent on some degree of "luck" - doing the right thing at the right time.

At chocri, we think we are a pretty lucky bunch. These are three tailwinds in the form of trends, which we launch right into:

  • Premium chocolate for the health conscious consumers: Market research suggests that people indulge less often in sweets and candy, but that when they do, they aim for the premium brand. The idea is that: If I burden myself with calories, I want to do it right. We couldn't agree more, and that's why with chocri, you don't only get great-tasting and healthy chocolate that is organic and fair trade, but more importantly, you can create exactly the kind of chocolate indulgence that makes you happy the most.

  • [Mass customization](]: More control to the consumer! Mass Customization in the US has been driven (slowly!) by big companies, but more and more startups are in the space now, and increasingly in food. People like you become more aware of it that it is feasible to get something customized for you at a reasonable price and without buying 200 items. Chocri is one of those startups that wants to give the scepter back where it belongs: into your hands!

  • Open innovation and social media: Technology allows us to engage in more dialogue with you (see our facebook page and twitter account), and our business model enables us to listen closely what you want - and do it. Some examples: The name "chocri" was invented by a fan, the toppings were and are being voted on by you, and in general, if our customers ask for something, we do our best to make it possible (if it doesn't impact other customers negatively of course).

What wasn't discussed at the entrepreneurship panel a few days back, but what is a thought that I'd like to throw into the round: How much can you "influence" luck? Sometimes (as mentioned in this article luck comes easier, can even be learned. We will keep our eyes open so we don't miss it.


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