Mass Customization: miAdidas Shoes

Author: Carmen | November 7, 2009 | Customization

Now, for a change, we'll divert a little from food. I recently bought some shoes from miAdidas, which means I customized my sports shoes . It's like customized chocolate bars, just shoes ;)

miAdidas Shoes

The shoes can be "fitted", that means they have smaller increments of sizes so that you can choose the length and width that exactly fits your shoe. It turned out in my case that the perfect size was already the one I buy off the shelf. Oh well. The fun part was the customization of the look of the shoe anyways. As you can see in the picture below, I went for a royal blue (fits my outfit- hey, I'm female!), and put my favorite word in the world on it (papillon = butterfly in French). I think they look great - but of course that is my individual taste, which is why I did customize my own shoes. The final test was running with them, which in the end was like running with any other good shoe, with the added feeling of knowing that these were truly my shoes.

NikeID IPhone App

The first time I really got in touch with mass customization was NikeID. So it is somewhat surprising that I didn't customize a shoe there, but with adidas. The reason is not that I like adidas more, but that NikeID doesn't have the fitting for size, which going in, I thought would make all the difference. Plus, with adidas you go through a consultation process in the store, while with NikeID you customize everything from shoe to bag to clothing online. Yet, I give credit to NikeID for really putting the "mass" in mass customization. They even have an IPhone App now - but disappointingly, you can only find designs from other users, not make your own. Why, NikeID, why?


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