How to Taste Chocolate

Author: Carmen | November 9, 2009 | Chocolate

Have you had a stressful start into the week? Chocolate is a sweet remedy, and if you enjoy every bit of it, it will give you even more satisfaction. Chocolate is rich, diverse, and deserves to be savored like a true "food of the goods". Here are a few pointers on how to taste chocolate:

So say you've designed your perfect chocolate bar, we carefully hand-made it for you, and it is now in your hands:

How to taste chocolate

  1. Unpack. You're right if your reaction to this is "duh", but in fact, the act of unwrapping your chocolate is part of the whole experience. Enjoy the beauty of your creation through the "window" of the packaging, and live the suspension of opening the packaging as you get closer to its content.

  2. Look closely: Take a look at the toppings you choose and how they are nicely surrounded by sumptuous chocolate at their base. Your chocolate should have a glossy shine to it, that speaks for a good tempering of the chocolate bar. And that speaks for its taste.

  3. Break: The sound of breaking chocolate tells you a lot about its quality. High quality chocolate like chocri breaks with a crisp "snap".

  4. Smell: Hold the piece of chocolate you broke off to your nose and take a deep breath. You will smell a mixture of the chocolate itself, but also of the toppings you chose. Close your eyes if you dare, and let the smell take you away to a place of exotic aromas.

  5. Taste: By now, you probably can't wait any longer to take a big bite, but wait, and start small. If you keep it a few seconds in your mouth, the chocolate will melt and surround your toppings even more. Bite to experience the crunchyness of say a banana chip, and savor the soft sweetness of say a strawberry. Allow the sensation of the taste travel through your body, not only towards your stomach but more importantly to your head.

How to taste chocolate

And then, most importantly:

Repeat :-)



  1. November 9, 2009 | Dorian Muthig said:
    huh? No melting and taking a bath in it?

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