Toppings Poll: You Decided!

Author: Carmen | December 1, 2009 | CustomizationToppings

A good while back, we started our toppings poll. We are now ready to report the results:

Top Ten Toppings

Top Ten Toppings

Two things I've observed about your ten top toppings:
- You like nuts
- We have most of them! Only Cocoa Nibs and Toasted Almonds are missing.

We can do that :). In total, we are testing six new toppings now: Cacao Nibs, Toasted Almonds, Orange Zest, Cookie Crumbs, Raspberry, and Black Sesame We'll keep you updated, and this is of course a continuous process - we will have many opportunities for you to tell us what's missing along the way - or just shoot us an email!

Most Hated

You didn't dig: Bacon, Hemp Leaves, and to my surprise, the writing "Congratulations" I guess chocri will be missing out on the bacon craze for a while... ;)

We Have A Winner!

S/he didn't write back yet (these mails are so spam-folder prone.. "hey, you won chocolate!"), but the winner was randomly determined and has a few days to get back to us until we do it again. Two customized chocolate bars from us! We'll have another blog post on that.

Thank you for your suggestions and opinions - it is YOU who is making chocri the chocolate bar of your dreams!


  1. December 1, 2009 | Rachel said:
    I personally love toasted almonds on my chocri chocolates. Because it brings out the best of the mouthwatering chocolate we all love.

  2. December 2, 2009 | Amanda said:
    Now I want to make a bar with orange zest, ginger and coconut. Nom! Or one with every kind of berry you have.

  3. December 3, 2009 | Rachel said:
    I love strawberries on my chocolates. I just love the sweet and a bit sour taste of the two.

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