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Author: Carmen | December 11, 2009 | Media

Hi there,

Happy Friday first of all! We've been writing this blog for 5 months now, so it's time for a little round-up of some of our most popular posts:

Posts that Introduce chocri

In "About chocri", chocri is introduced in general. In the post "7 ways to customize your chocri" we summarize the endless possibilities of creating your very own chocolate bar.

Posts on the topic of mass customization

Mass Customization is a surging trend, and we are doing our part to give more control to the consumer! One of our popular posts is a general article on the topic: "So What Is this Mass Customization Thing?", and then there's one on "Food Mass Customization" in particular.

chocri and Social Responsibility

Read our blog post on how we're helping out in the country that our cocoa beans are from in this post: "Helping Out At the Ivory Coast Not Only During the Holidays"

Just for fun

The title says it all: "Chocolate Quotes" :))

Thanks for reading!
One month from now we will open our website to everyone! Customized chocolate bars for America :)


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