Interview Series: Franz

Author: Carmen | December 14, 2009 | About-chocri

We want you to know who is making your personalized chocolate bars to perfection, hence this blog series where I introduce someone from the chocri team by asking them weird questions. To read about all the people behind chocri, click on the "people" category in the navigation, or just here.
Today, I'm presenting you: Franz, our co-founder

Franz Duge

chocri co-founder Franz Duge

  • What was your last chocri creation?
    "Our recommended chocri creation "Santa's Favorite": Milk chocolate with cinnamon, real gold flakes, roasted almonds and toffee."

  • Dark, milk or white chocolate?
    "Dark, although sometimes milk, too"

  • Where are you from?
    "I was born in Berlin, and moved to the suburbs when I was 10. It was quite nice there, too."

  • What do you study?
    "At the moment I'm still studying engineering with a business twist, but will change my major to business. Mechanical Engineering is too technical."

  • What's the favorite part of your job?
    "To work with our employees. When I'm in the office on weekends by myself, it's definitely not as much fun - although I get more done :)"

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I'd really like to be a globetrotter. [comment from the interviewer: As chocri is expanding to all these countries, you will have to be one. :) Good news for chocri!]"

  • Do you type with 10 fingers?
    "Maybe with four or five? ;)"

  • What would you like to customize but you can't yet?
    "There's lots of stuff. i think I have to try some of the recent advancements in mass customization first before I wish for any new ones!"

  • The coolest thing about chocri?
    "We have a very cool relationship with our employees! Oh, and being an "owner of a chocolate company" usually goes down well with the ladies ;)"

  • The most annoying thing about chocri?
    "Everyone orders last minute, e.g. just before the Holidays. We don't just grab something off a shelf, we make it, so that can be a little bit stressful sometimes"

  • What is the one thing that you are most proud of?
    "Tough question. I'm proud we made chocri so successful that we were able to collect more than 23,000 Euro in unison with our customers to donate to DIV Kinder [the charity organization that supports children on the Ivory Coast]"

Thanks for the interview Franz!


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