Vote On the Best chocri Picture On FB!

Author: Carmen | December 15, 2009 | Events

Today, don't stay here on the blog (although we love to have you) - go to Facebook and vote on your favorite fan picture!

We've asked our German fans to take their chocri bars and take pictures of them. We have everything from a chocri mosaic to a little chocri personality... so get your eyecandy on Facebook today:

Facebook Picture Contest chocri customized chocolate bars

Vote on the picture you love most by using the "like" button - that's it. The best photo artist takes home a chocri clothing article (t-shirt, apron...) and a big, fat package of chocri bars (albeit, that's only for the Germans).

Facebook Photo Contest Like Button chocri customized chocolate bars

Have fun! Now go :)


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