Now More Than 100 Toppings on chocri Facebook App

Author: Carmen | December 28, 2009 | Toppings

chocri facebook app example

Welcome back everyone!

Hopefully you had a great, relaxing time over the holidays. Did you send friends and loved ones a virtual, customized chocolate bar? Whether you've been waiting to try it out, or maybe you have sent some virtual chocri bars already - the Facebook App just got better! We updated our toppings in the App and there are now more than 100 toppings available! Does anyone want to calculate how many possibilities that allows for? Because I don't... ;)

From the data I've seen coming in through Facebook, you all really like the App! That's awesome. Please don't hesitate to send us feedback of any sorts. Apparently, the chocri application is a little slow from time to time - we have it on a really fast server, hopefully that will make the experience less patience-demanding. I'm sure you all know from Farmville that Facebook just tend to be slow sometimes...

So, feel free to try out the new toppings, like apple bits and organic chamomile, - all yours, all free, and a nice way to show someone you care while having fun!

Check out the new toppings in the chocri Facebook Application

Facebook App Toppings Example


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