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Author: Carmen | December 29, 2009 | Customization

Apparently you guys (and ladies) liked my blog post with the chocri bar names - hey, I'm happy to give you another one! In fact, this is an easy task, for the typical chocri consumer is very creative! It was no problem at all to find more funny, inspiring and beautiful chocolate bar names. Here's what I found:

  • Chill Chocolate (I find chocolate very relaxing, yes)
  • Oh, Behave! (That's a challenge - first ordering chocolate and then telling yourself not to eat it? ;))
  • Volkers Daydream (*... is becoming reality!)
  • Muesligirly (me too, me too!)
  • Alexa's Figure Killer (nah, not really, just enjoy every bit of it slowly and you'll be fine)
  • Dark Secret (Dark chocolate, positively, but don't keep us a secret! Puhleaze!)
  • Sweet, white snow (hey, if snow was as good as this bar, I'd be rolling out there!)
  • Melting Sugar (mmm)
  • Chocolate Lady (would love to meet the recipient of that bar!)
  • Exclusively Mommy's Chocolate (Ah, common, Mommy will share, won't she? ... She won't? Oh..)
  • Special Katja Edition (That's right!)
  • Cheez Checker Choki (Checker - cool. Choki - cool. Cheese? - super cool. Wait, really?)
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Amazingly, Germans often choose English names, too! From "Hot Vanilla Kiss" to "Chill Chocolate", our German customers skip the German. Also, I've noticed that a lot of bars had the word "dream" in their name. Totally understandable, those bars are real dreams!

Another "trend" in the chocri bar naming is the combination of topping names to "create" a new word - what can we say, chocri fans are just so creative! Also, but less surprising, a lot of the bars have cute nicknames in them.

What would you name your personalized chocolate bar?

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