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Our dear chocri fans know that we support children on the Ivory Coast with your help. 1% of your order value is donated by us, and you will also get the opportunity to make your own donation at checkout. Franz and Micha, the founders of chocri, discovered the organization DIV Kinder even before chocri was founded - and who would have thought that thanks to German purchases and donations, a sum of 21,000 Euro could be donated a year later!

The Ivory Coast is the largest cocoa exporter on this planet, yet many people who live there don't benefit from the riches of their country. Especially the children, who run the risk of having to work to support their families. We at chocri use only fair trade chocolate, which means that fair prices are paid for the cocoa beans in your chocolate (as well as the sugar by the way!), enabling a family to send their kids to school instead of sending to the farm. But chocri does more. We donate to specific projects at DIV Kinder which ensures that your (and our) money is used well in creating a better situation for children at the Ivory Coast.

A quick look back: The first donation sum, 1000 Euro, was collected to finance a well. The project began in November 2008 and was completed successfully shortly after. Fueled by this experience, the next project was to finance refrigerators. While we here in the Western world are used to finding one or two in every house, at the Ivory Coast they are true luxury! Luxury that enables the people there to keep food fresh longer - an immediate benefit to the nutrition.

Yesterday we reached another milestone: Together, we collected 21,000 Euro!

After the successful completion of the refrigerator project, the donations are now used towards the construction of an orphanage, which will give a loving, safe home to 50 orphans.

The picture below shows early construction work for the orphanage

DIV Kinder organization building an orphanage with chocri help

In the words of the DIV Kinder management (translated): "The orphanage means a lot to the kids, for it is not only just space, but a family that they can find there, and support of all sorts. We hope to see children here in a few years that have completed education and training and are stable people all around."

Together, we can really change something, and sustainably improve the lives of children, giving them real chances for the future. Thank you to all our German fans who help us with that, and thank you to all of you who plan on helping us to do that!

chocri team


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