So when we say "customized chocolate bars", what does that mean? I hope I didn't forget one, but I counted seven ways to customize your chocolate bar:

Customize the Name of Your Chocolate Bar

customize the name of your chocolate bar This is called personalization - make the bar unmistakably yours by putting your name on it. Or call it something funny or cute, like Kid's Delight, Fred or Sweet & Salty as Lisa did in her recent blog post in her blog "Stop and Smell the Chocolates". What would you name your bar?

Customize the Toppings on Your Chocolate Bar

This is of course the most important one: With your choice of a base chocolate and over 90 toppings, you can design 10 billion chocolate bars and each and every one will be unique! (Gee, who's going to eat all of those?)

Customize the Packaging as an Individual

Coming Soon: We are currently working on "theme packagings", so that you will have a choice between the standard red packagings and say a packaging for the holidays. Or for Valentine's Day.

customize the packaging of your chocolate bar

Customize the Packaging as a Company

Should you order more than 50 bars (stores and corporations do that), we can create a custom packaging completely in your corporate design. That comes with a small additional fee.

Customize Your Chocolate with an Edible Image/ Writing

place an edible image on your chocolate Similarly, if you order a lot of bars, we can place edible writing and even images on the chocolate bar itself. Shown in the picture is the writing version, but everything is possible. Have you ever seen the cakes with the photos on them? That's possible on chocolate, too!

Send your Chocolate on its Way with a Message

You will also be able to send a greeting card on its way with your chocolate. 400 letters to speak from your heart!

Customize the Shape of Your Chocolate Bar

Speaking of "heart"... - Now, we're still working on making this happen, but currently it looks like we'll be able you to offer you a heart shape for Valentine's Day (which is right after our launch!). Wouldn't that be sweet?

By the way, I wanted to make sure this is understood: There is no minimum order for each customized chocolate bar! You can design your own chocolate bar and order only one of them. However, for shipping reasons, we will ask you to design at least three (or pick recommendations), so that it's worth shipping all this chocolate across the Atlantic.

The possibilities are endless!


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