chocri Germany: SOLD OUT!

Author: Carmen | December 8, 2009 | Information

Big news from the other side of the Atlantic: chocri was so popular as a gift for the holidays, that our personalized chocolate bars actually sold out this weekend! Despite a good number of full-time and temporary employees, 24/7 production and lots of hard work put in by everyone - chocri can't keep up with the orders! What love from our fans!

chocri customized chocolate bars sold out

One of the last bars* that was ordered: Dark chocolate with walnuts. The creator called it: "Chocolate makes happy!". True words!

Luckily, there are still alternatives in Germany: Gift Coupons and something new: a Chocolate Club, with two "bars of the month" for subscribers. More about that later.

So much from Germany!

  • the very last bar was "Santa's Favorite", which is one of our recommendations.


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