Chocolate for Valentine's Day? How boring!

Author: Carmen | January 13, 2010 | Events

give chocri chocolate for Valentine's Day

Typically, that's what we would say, too!

Valentine's Day is about showing that you care about the other person, and a gift shows caring not with its price tag but because it is something that you know this person would like. A thoughtful gift, that shows that you put yourself in the other's shoes, means so much more than something that just costs a lot and happens to be what everyone else buys.

It's not about checking off the box "VDay gift", it's about saying "I'm glad you are in my life, just the way you are."

A thoughtful gift can even be a few post-its inscribed with little "vouchers" - for massages, for emptying out the dishwasher, for walking the dog. Or, of course, a thoughtful gift would be a chocolate bar with all the favorite toppings of your sweetheart, with a name you have us print on the packaging that contains an 'insider message'.

Our personalized chocolate bars are handmade with the finest, fair trade, and organic chocolate from Belgium, and delight is guaranteed. Most importantly though, seeing the thought that went into picking the toppings and coming up with a funny or beautiful and fitting name means so much more!

For inspiration, check out the bars bloggers made as part of our blograce in this post. These are pretty much chocolate bars for friends, and the creators designed bars based on what the recipient likes (to cook with).

What would your Valentine want?


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