Celebrate the Martin Luther King In You

Author: Carmen | January 18, 2010 | Charity

Today, we celebrate Martin Luther King Day in the United States. Martin Luther King is an icon of human rights, played a major role in ending race inequality and discrimination, and of course he is famous for his dramatic "I Have a Dream" speech. He showed that progress and change can be brought about by the people, absent of violence .

I think that Martin Luther King is a wonderful example for all of us - everyone of us has the power to do change and make this world a little better. That's for example why chocri donates 1% of each purchase to charity, and many of you have already generously donated additionally. Making change happen can be as easy as making better choices - whether it is a greener behavior, whether it is stepping up for someone who deserves it, or just saying thanks to those people that have helped you achieve your dreams.

Today is the last day of free shipping with chocri - wasn't there someone who you wanted to send a personalized chocolate bar to?

What is your dream?


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