Is Chocolate An Aphrodisiac?

Author: Carmen | January 19, 2010 | ChocolateInformation

Already the Aztecs knew that chocolate possessed "powers" to make them feel great in various way. It is told that Montezuma, the last Aztec Emperor, drank chocolate 50 times a day to boost his virility before visiting his harem. Even Casanova consumed chocolate before visiting his ladies, and centuries ago, chocolate was banned from monasteries and convents, fearing it would otherwise increase the longing for physical contact amongst the monks and nuns. So is chocolate an aphrodisiac?

Is chocolate an aphrodisiac by chocri

It will surprise you that science has yet to give us a clear answer on whether chocolate is an aphrodisiac or not. A known fact is that chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA). Not only is PEA present in your brain naturally when you are experiencing pleasure, it also is chemically similar to amphetamine, which has been shown to create feelings of attraction and excitement - just like those butterflies when you are in love! In addition, chocolate contains serotonin, which is linked to feelings of elation and happiness the same way as are aphrodisiacs.

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In conclusion we can probably say that chocolate has aphrodisiac-like effects. Now, if chocolate itself can do all that, what do you think a chocri Valentine's Day chocolate gift can do - something made uniquely for her, with her favorite sweets and her name on it? After all, the most potent aphrodisiac available is the mind.

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  1. January 19, 2010 | cal orey said:
    Yes, chocolate boasts many feel good compounds, not just PEA...and it's these gems that bring on that lovin' feeling.
    author of The Healing Powers of Chocolate

  2. January 31, 2010 | puternic said:
    also, the mayan recepie (chocolate with chilli) is considered a strong aphrodisiac

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