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Author: Carmen | January 28, 2010 | Information

So, you've checked out our recommended creations And... you liked all of them! Well, maybe not the super spicy one, that's for the guys, but among all the others, you can hardly decide. Does this describe the dilemma you often find yourself in? Then we've got a fix for you!

Check out chocri on hunch! Hunch is a website created, among others, by the founder of flickr and aims to solve your everyday and life-changing questions by asking you ten or less questions back - and then giving you a recommendation based on your answers. Not only your answers, but also the answers of people like you (which requires "teaching" hunch about you - which is actually a bunch of fun!).

We've created a topic "What type of chocolate bar should I customize" which helps you decide among our recommendations. Feel free to submit your own result if you want to recommend a bar! There's not much more to say - just go and try it out and see how you like the recommended recommendation. ;-)

chocri custom chocolate on hunch

What is your chocri hunch?


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