Pretty Picture: Winning chocri Fan Photo

Author: Carmen | January 3, 2010 | Contests

We're busy getting the last details for the invitation-only launch on January 5 straight, but we won't miss sharing this with you: The winner photo of our Facebook Fan Photo Contest!

A few weeks ago, we announced a photo contest to our German fans (since they already have access to chocri bars). We received 19 great photos (all in a photo album on Facebook, featuring bars and in fact even packages and cats! For one week, all our Facebook fans from all over the world then voted via the "like" button on their favorites.

And this is the winner:

Winner chocri Facebook Fan Foto Contest

Bettina won the hearts of our fans with this modern interpretation a la Andy Warhol. As everyone knows, art is subjective, but what I read in this piece of art is the following: Chocri bars come in all colors and with lots of personality :)

Should you take a picture of your first ever chocri creation - feel free to share it with us! Everyone can upload fotos to our Facebook page, and alternatively, we're of course always happy about a picture in the (e)mail :)

Oh, and for more chocri impressions, check out our flickr account.


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