Show Your chocri Love

Author: Carmen | January 6, 2010 | Media

Dearest chocri Fans,

Thank you for your amazing feedback, compliments and ideas. Thank you for your desire for customized chocolate bars! We are so happy to have you all here!

If you want to show your chocri love, please become our Facebook Fan and follow us on Twitter.

chocri on Facebook

Our Facebook Page is a happy place with photos, regular updates both from us an fans like you, and occasionally of contests like our recent fan photo contest. We would love to hear from you what's on your mind, and you'll have the opportunity to interact with our European fans, as well.

Follow chocri on twitter and tell us what's happening

Follow us on Twitter, and please say hi - we'd love to follow you back! Again, we love to listen to you and know what's happening with you and your chocolate love life, so let us know! We're all about open dialogue, and twitter is a great tool to engage in a real conversation with you without any barriers. We might have one or the other special there, too. So please come and say hi!

Less dialogue but nevertheless nice chocri impressions can be found on YouTube and Flickr. Enjoy!


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