Our Invitation-Only Launch

Author: Carmen | January 8, 2010 | Events

We decided to launch with a beta website to make sure that by the actual launch date (Monday, the 11th of January!), everything would be smooth and creamy. Turns out our developers did such a great job that everything is pretty good already! We've had a few mails from you about some German left here and there or buttons not working, but in total, the site is ready. You can now create your personalized chocolate bars online!

At the same time, we wanted to reward our loyal fans with this extra week of free shipping and "VIP access", and I believe you've used it well. Therefore, I now want to encourage you to pass on the invitation code to your friends and close ones if you like. Please don't post it on any big sites, but feel free to give it to someone who you think might enjoy creating their own chocolate bar... or creating one for you as an unusual chocolate gift for Valentine's Day :)

chocri soft launch log in code

New here?

All those of you who are new here - I'm sharing the coupon code now if you email me at

Also, you can get a great overview of chocri in this blog post "About chocri", and if you're not ready yet to create real chocolate bars, I encourage you to create virtual chocolate bars with our Facebook App. As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Enjoy creating your own chocolate bar!

Only 3 more days until we have our open launch!


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