10 Billion Different Combinations Not Enough?

Author: Carmen | February 1, 2010 | Toppings

We've been cooking (figuratively) and have something new for you in the world of personalized chocolate bars!

As you know, with more than 100 topping choices and three base chocolates, you have more than 10 billion combinations at your fingertips, which leaves you plenty of room for your creativity.

Or maybe not?

We get many suggestions from you for new toppings, and we are grateful for each and everyone one of them, thank you and please keep them coming!

We really do our best to implement these great ideas. That's why we thought up the following:

The Topping Of The Month!

Since we know that chocriholics are curious and keen on everything that is new, unknown and maybe also a little bit extraordinary, the next few months we want to take you on a journey to the never ending fields of culinary extravaganzas, bizarre delicacies and tongue-tingling aromas.

Every month, we introduce you to a novel, unusual topping, which (while stocks last) you can use for your chocri creation.

As always, we want your input and suggestions! Feel free to suggest really weird toppings, the only criteria is: it must be edible ;-) Just send us an email with the subject "Topping of the month" to or post your topping wish on our Facebook Page. We are looking forward to your suggestions!

Like this, we hope to enable each and everyone of you to create that chocolate bar of your wildest dreams. And who knows, if a topping is especially popular, it might end up with its buddies in the permanent assortment ;-)

Today, on the first of February, we start with the following topping:

Grains Of Paradise

Paradise Grains on Milk Chocolate Paradise Grains on White Chocolate Paradise Grains on Dark Chocolate

No kidding, that's what they are called! And from today on, they are in the category "Spices", eagerly awaiting you and your chocolate creation.
Grains Of Paradise, also called Guinea Grains, are from Africa and are typically used in the Northern African cuisine. They are spicy with lots of aroma, and a fruity-warm taste. The combination with chocolate is, well, heavenly. This is a great topping for everyone who likes it spicy, but not too spicy. And let's be honest: ... who ever ate a chocolate bar with "grains of paradise"? This is really something extraordinary!

Let's go, you the adventurous and global gourmets! You won't regret. Enjoy!


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