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Author: Carmen | February 10, 2010 | Media

I intended this blog post to be only about our recent coverage on TV, but we've gotten such great mentions lately, I thought I'd sum a few more up:

chocri on TV!

In a short amount of time, two ladies (Melissa Meyers and Taryn Scher) decided to recommend us on public television.

Last weekend, chocri was part of NBC Weekend Today AM Best Kept Secrets: Valentine's Day Gift Picks with Ask Melissa - now we are not a secret anymore! :)
As Melissa said: "These are customized chocolate bars by chocri, and you make your own personalized chocolate bar...and they are SO yummy, I mean..."

Then on Monday Taryn Scher brought some chocri bars with her to "Your Carolina", a show on CBS 7. She introduced chocri with the words "This is my new favorite website!" - which made us very very proud. Check out the video!

chocri Elsewhere

chocri customized chocolate bars on Glamour

Then, we're very proud, we were suggested as a Valentine's Day gift for him by Glamour (see picture on the left) as one of 12 creative ways to say "I love you".

Besides those, we're always happy when bloggers point us out to their readers. Just yesterday, "Food Gal" reviewed the chocri bars she had made. Her suggestion: Use chamomile flowers on your chocolate bar! "They’re so lovely to look at — almost as if the blooms had been preserved in the bar as in the pages of a scrapbook. Their floral nature gives the milk chocolate a really memorable twist."

Are you from the press/ media or do you write a blog? Hit us up - on our press section or by email - we'd love to hear from you!


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