We here at chocri love giving you power that others just cannot give you. Besides the fact that with us, you can create your own chocolate bar and give it your own name, we love asking you for your opinion in big decisions such as our name (decided by a survey) and now... the inside of our packaging!

The past week or so we received great submissions from you and are now excited to put them up for a vote. You can vote from now until Friday.

We got a lot (a looot!) of great phrases, but only the 10 best ones (per your vote) will be printed in the inside of our packaging.

Take the survey (takes 3 minutes max): Vote now for your favorite packaging phrase!

Because there's so many of them, we allowed for multiple answers - just click on all the ones you like a lot, and we'll print the ones with the most votes. Thank you for your input! Remember: the submission with the best votes gets a $50 gift certificate, the runner up receives a $20 gift certificate, and the third place is rewarded with a $10 gift certificate.

Oh, and by the way - how was Valentine's Day? Got any cute or fun stories to share? The comment box is your playground...

p.s. We took the liberty to exclude or alter submissions that were grammatically incorrect or simply too long to fit in. Sorry!

Inside the chocri packaging


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