Blog Race Off To A Fresh Start

Author: Carmen | February 4, 2010 | Contests

Welcome back - we had a short break in our blog race, which we used to build a nifty blograce-page that lists all the bars that have been made.

chocri Blog Race Screenshot

The Blog Relay Race

As reported before, we started this race between female and male bloggers. Female bloggers are one team, and male bloggers are the other. Once a blogger is tagged by a team member, (s)he tags two more bloggers. "Tagging" means designing a bar for someone - and the best part is - when the race is over, the bloggers get those bars that were created for them! The end of the race is when a team has reached 100 bars first. So far, the ladies are in the lead - can the gents catch up?

The Chocolate Bars

Amazing bars have been created in the process of this race - and it isn't even over yet. Some of the finest food bloggers and connoisseurs have been creating chocolate bars with chocri. That's why we decided to take them out of the comments and emails, and list them neatly on our blograce-page page. Now you can be inspired by their creations, maybe get some ideas on what to gift a man vs. woman, and what toppings complement each other well.

We are looking forward to all the other amazing bars that will be created in this race. Who do you think will win the race?


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