Topping Of The Month: Sweet, Pungent Cardamom

Author: Carmen | March 1, 2010 | Toppings

Recently I received an email from a customer, saying the following: "I read on your site that you appreciate new input on ingredients for your chocolate bars. I think cardamom seeds would be perfect as a spice for your chocolate bars. Perhaps ground seeds would be best, as the taste of whole seeds could be too intense - I can imagine - but I'll let you decide on that."

cardamom on your customized chocolate bar by chocri

We couldn't agree more! Cardamom is a wonderful sweet, pungent spice that literally adds some "heat" to your chocolate bar. As pointed out above, it is quite a "loud" spice, which is why we offer it ground so as not to overpower the chocolate and the other toppings. Cardamom is our Spice of the Month, so try it out while it lasts! Find it now in the Spices section when you create your personalized chocolate bar with chocri.

Traded already by the Ancient Greek, cardamom is a very "European" and "Asian" spice. While a lot of cardamom grows in India, hardly any is exported because the people there are so fond of it that they rather use it themselves. Arab cultures were equally excited about the spice, which was considered to have aphrodisiac qualities and was used in love potions.We recommend to pair cardamom with walnuts coffee, date pieces or, for the ultimate Indian chocri bar, with ginger.

What's on your chocolate bar?


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