New Topping on Your Chocolate Bar: Sizzle Rocks

Author: Carmen | March 19, 2010 | Toppings

Dear friends of customized chocolate bars by chocri,

We have a new topping for you! Check out these little fire crackers:

Sizzle Rocks

Add sizzle rocks as a topping to your chocolate bar

You've probably heard about "Pop Rocks" before, right? We're not allowed to use any brand names for our ingredients, but these here are pretty much the same ... only cooler. As soon as they melt with the chocolate on your tongue, they create a fun, fizzy and, well, sizzling reaction, dancing on your taste buds like you did last Saturday night on the dance floor. Add this topping for a little surprise effect in your chocolate bar.

Don't forget to get your orders for Easter in!


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