Oops. A little late, but here they come - the best five chocolate bar names invented by our esteemed customers.

  • "The Bourbon Hammerhead" (Milk Chocolate with Bourbon Vanilla and Mini Cookies)

  • "Orange You Glad I'm Here." (Dark Chocolate with Orange Chocolate Drops, Organic Spelt Flakes, Orange and Easter bunny with egg)

  • "Berry Easter!" (Dark Chocolate with Blueberries, Almond Slivers and Writing "Happy Easter" in Easter packaging)

  • "Salt-N-Pepa | Spicy Bling Bling" (Dark Chocolate with Coffee, Multicolored Pepper, Fleur de Sel and Real Gold Flakes)

  • "[insert clever name here]" (Dark Chocolate with Sour Cherries and Cashews)

As you can tell by these brilliant names, chocri customers are the most creative people ever! The names are really amazing. I always think I found the best of the week - and then there's always one better. For different reasons. You people are so thoughtful and funny - please don't ever stop! And even if you don't give your chocolate bar a name- your chocolate bar itself is creative. Think about it - there are 27 billion different possible combinations (we calculated it, and we'll probably keep saying 10 billion because it both sounds like a whole lot, but 10 billion is easier to imagine)!

Also, I have a great announcement to make! We are hereby introducing

the 5+1 Rule.

Here's what the rule is:
For every 5 personalized chocolate bars you create, we add a surprise chocolate bar to your order - for free!
We've been having this rule for a while in Germany and the surprise bars are a great hit. We're not skimpy on them either, but do expect to be surprised - in a very delicious, yummy way :)

Create 5 personalized chocolate bars with chocri and get one for free


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