The Violet Blue Chocolate Bar

Author: Carmen | March 23, 2010 | Events

As mentioned earlier, chocri gave out some personalized chocolate bars at South By Southwest Interactive - a half conference, half festival for geeks. One of those bars was created by Violet Blue. Violet Blue is not only a Forbes "Web Celeb", she's an expert in the field of sex and technology and not content with being ordinary. That's why we asked one of Wired's "Faces of Innovation" to design her own bar for SXSW - and she made a very, very sexy chocolate bar.

"The Violet Blue Chocolate Bar" is aphrodisiac-packed, with dark chocolate, roasted almonds, candied lilac (or are they violets?...) and ground coffee.

The Violet Blue Chocolate Bar by chocri for SXSW

Here's what Violet herself wrote about it on her very, very sexy blog: "Now I’m about to head down the the Hilton lobby to give out the Chocri chocolate bars I designed, free-Tweetup-flashmob style. Why not? They’re chocolate, almond, coffee and an aphrodisiac surprise. Thank you, Chocri!"

No no, thank you Violet for playing with us! And the good news for everyone is - you can buy the chocolate bar as one of our recommended creations - for a little cheaper than if you'd create it yourself.

Stay tuned for the Leah Culver, Dave Morin and Gary Vaynerchuk Bars for SXSW!

p.s. Like this topic? We wrote a blog post on the topic whether chocolate is an aphrodisiac!


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