The Dave Morin Chocolate Bar by chocri for SXSW

Author: Carmen | March 24, 2010 | Events

The Dave Morin Chocolate Bar by chocri for SXSW

Dave Morin is an entrepreneur and co-invented the Facebook Platform. In 2009, he was named #16 of the most creative people in business by Fast Company - reason enough to ask him to make his own chocolate bar with chocri for SXSW. Unfortunately he couldn't be there himself, so he asked us to take pictures of the lucky recipients of his chocolate bars - which is how the collage above came about. Look at all the happiness! Thanks Dave for making these fantastic bars (and the Facebook Platform isn't too shabby either, so thanks for that, too...).

By the way, corporate buyers listen up - Dave's Bar is a great example of a logo printed on the bar (instead of the name that you would otherwise give it). Chocolate bars with a logo make a very neat corporate gift, so keep us in mind next time you need something to woo your clients, ok? Thanks!

And here's the personalized chocolate bar itself. It's a concoction bringing together dark chocolate, toasted hazelnuts, ground coffee beans and.. gasp.. wonderfully tasty raspberries. Those really rock the bar!

The Dave Morin Chocolate Bar by chocri for SXSW.

Just like the Violet Blue, you can get it as one of our recommended creations for cheaper than if you created it yourself.

But wait, what is on YOUR chocolate bar?


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