We love our Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers. Everyone of you! That's why found a new way to reward you for your support, but it's YOU who determines how much you get:

chocri on facebook


For every tenth Facebook Fan, you receive a coupon value of 2 Cents. Sounds little? It isn't, because the existing Fans are counted as well. So just as of now, the coupon is already worth $6.20 - just by being a Fan! But there could be much more - it increases with every new Fan that joins chocri. Everyone who is a Fan on May 3 (a Monday) counts, and receives the coupon. So tell all your friends! Feel free to use the button "Suggest to friends" just underneath our profile picture to help spread the word. And if you're not already one, become a Fan now!

chocri on twitter as chocridotcom


Similarly on Twitter - only that you get an extra bonus: We start off with a base of $5 for everyone. It's still 2 Cents per ten Followers, but we add a little extra. Again, we are counting Followers on May 3rd. You already got $5, but if you want more, start retweeting and telling your Followers about this! And if you're not doing it already: Follow @chocridotcom now!


  1. April 26, 2010 | Laura Kahn said:
    Love chocolate. Tweeted your giveaway

  2. April 28, 2010 | Kim said:
    Thanks, Laura! :-)

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