Who loves chocolate more? Men or Women?

We think no matter if male or female, nine out of ten people love chocolate, and the tenth person lies ;) But really, do women like chocolate more than men?

We asked you! Well, our dear Facebook Fans of which I hope you are one. Here are the poll results:

chocri chocolate poll result

I think the message is clear: You say women love chocolate more than men.

Turns out you're right, and that there's scientific proof for it:

"Chocolate does affect women differently than men", is what Prof. Auger from UW-Madison says. He, from the field of psychology, studies the difference of female and male brains, and argues that the female's cyclic rise and fall of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone trigger a craving for chocolate (Source). Another reason why women crave chocolate more may be due to its rich magnesium content. Especially during menstruation, women might reach out to their daily dose of chocolate to increase magnesium levels. (Source)

This makes me severely pity men, who are foregoing not only the pleasure of eating chocolate, but also the significant health benefits of chocolate of eating chocolate. Did you know dark chocolate has more antioxidants than tea? I'm sure you do know though that chocolate makes you happy - are men less happy than women then? In fact, research by the University of Chicago (Source) does confirm that at least until their late 40s, women are happier than men! Must be that women are more prone to dieting in their late 40s... don't skip the chocolate! And don't forget to make your own personalized chocolate bars ;)

Are you a man that isn't afraid to admit that he loves chocolate? Or are you a woman and think that no one can love chocolate quite you do?


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