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If you're already a chocri fan, you know customized chocolate bars from chocri are delicious, luxurious and crafted to your exact specifications.

But did you know that daily consumption of chocri could help protect you from heart disease, too? One of the most buzzed about health stories today is good news for chocri lovers, because it turns out that a new German study indicates that eating chocolate every day can lower your risk of heart disease or stroke. Really!

CNN published some data from the study, and the results might surprise you:

Compared with people who rarely ate chocolate (about one bar per month), the people who ate the most chocolate (slightly more than one bar per week) had a 27 percent and 48 percent reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, respectively, the researchers found.

The researchers say dark chocolate, which is packed with antioxidants, offers the highest amount of benefits per bite. (Although milk chocolate has some benefits, too.) And it turns out that with better chocolate quality comes more health perks:

Flavonols are found in cocoa, and dark chocolate contains more cocoa than milk chocolate does.

"The benefits of chocolate come from flavonoids, and those are mainly found in dark chocolate, not Easter eggs, which are usually milk chocolate and have a lot of saturated fat," says Julia Zumpano, a registered clinical dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic, in Ohio.

The experts are quick to point out that chocolate should be consumed in moderation, and that chocolate consumption should be counted toward daily caloric goals. Still, daily consumption of chocolate! Encouraged!

The Happy Healthy Bar by chocri Interested in adding chocolate to your daily health regimen? We suggest the Happy Healthy Bar featuring antioxidant heavy superfood blueberries, ginger, cranberries, almonds, pine nuts and a dark chocolate base; or The Ultimate Nut Bar with hazelnut, macadamia, pecans and walnuts on dark chocolate, both available on our chocri creations page. (All chocri chocolate is organic and fair trade, too!)

If you'd like to learn more about antioxidants in chocolate, check out our blog post {Chocolate and Antioxidants](

If you're feeling creative, you can customize your own healthy chocri bar. Flax seeds and muesli are popular add-ins if you're looking for healthy chocri options. Happy snacking! :)


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