Topping Upgrade: We Now Have Fleur de Sel!

Author: Carmen | March 4, 2010 | Toppings

New today in our Spices section, we present you one of the most exquisite - and delicious - salts you can find: Fleur de Sel.

Fleur de Sel

This white “gold” celebrates its comeback with chocri! We source our fleur de sel from Portugal, so strictly speaking it is "Flor de Sal". Both terms mean "Flower of Salt", and this hand-harvested sea salt is one of the most expensive. It is collected by workers in the Atlantic in so-called "salt pans". If you look at a big heap of fleur de sel, it is often slightly grey because of the minerals contained in it. Most importantly though, it will taste fantastic on your chocolate bar.

Due to the small size of the crystals, fleur de sel dissolves faster than regular salt - tingling on your tongue as it melts along with the chocolate.

Try fleur de sel with bacon or peanuts for a savory experience, or pair it with sweet toppings to create an interesting polarization. What's on your personalized chocolate bar?


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