Easter Is Coming!

Author: Carmen | March 9, 2010 | Festivities

As you know, a personalized chocolate bar is a thoughtful, and moreover, unique gift idea. And the next reason to gift family and friends is coming up: Easter!

So we thought up something especially nice: The Easter Box, The Easter Packaging, and some awesome recommended bars especially for Easter:

Easter Box

Easter Gift Box by chocri with recommended creations

You can buy this Easter Box readily packed with our Easter creations - Funny Bunny and Eggstravagant. Isn't it cute? The little sheep stays with us, but everything else goes to the lucky recipient of your choice - who may as well be yourself ;)
Check it out

Easter Packaging

Easter Chocolate Bar Wrapper for your customized chocolate bars

Now you can also choose at checkout whether you want your customized chocolate bars delivered in our standard, red packaging, or in our temporary Easter packaging - just check the box when you see your bars listed in the shopping cart (as shown in the picture) and your bars come beautifully enveloped in Easterly fashion.

Recommended Easter Creations

Easter Chocolate Creations by chocri

For a quick gifting decision, check out our recommended Easter creations - Funny Bunny, Eggstravagant (a name that was coined on our Facebook Page by our dear Fans Sandra and Jennifer) and Delightful Easter Treat. What's so amazing about them are not only the combination of delicious chocolate with beautifully balanced toppings, but also their price - just for Easter, you can get those bars for an egg-beating $9.90. Meet them here.

Where are you going to hide your chocri chocolate bars?


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